I have been working as a professional psychic medium for over six years now, but I have been who I am all of my life. A mediumship reading gives closure and healing to those who have lost a loved one. The reading also extends out to their families, so the reading keeps healing. There are times when a mediumship reading reaches out and saves lives. This particular visit from heaven did just that; after this reading, I know why I have this extraordinary gift.

I am not a necromancer; I don’t call spirits to me. It’s astonishing how the spirits know that their loved ones here on this earth plane are going to have a reading. Most of the time, they show up.

I have many private clients, and I also work for an online psychic reading company. The company is based on chat readings first; I can also give phone readings if the client wishes it. As a rule, I do not give mediumship readings through chat; it just doesn’t work. The vibration is high and information comes in fast. I usually need quick validation. Chat just doesn’t do mediumship readings justice. I feel it is disrespectful to the spirits.

I was recommended by one of my other clients to a woman who wanted a mediumship reading. I will call her Claire. Claire sent an e-mail to me on the service where I do readings asking for a mediumship reading. I responded with dates and times when I was available. We set a date and time.

Before the reading, Louise made me feel that this reading was going to be different. Louise stands by me when I am giving mediumship readings. I don’t like to tune in beforehand when I am going to give a reading; it all has to happen right then and there while the reading is in progress. I specifically do not want to know anything from the client about loved ones on the other side. I must be objective and not influenced by the sitter’s information or expectations. Prior information can taint evidence that I should pick up on my own from the loved one that is coming through.

Claire seemed a bit nervous when she called on time for our appointment. I tried to make her feel more comfortable. I always ask my clients if they are sitting up comfortably and if they have something to write with in case they want to take notes. Before I begin the reading, I say a short prayer and ask if they would like me to do a medical intuitive scan on them afterwards. She decided she didn’t want one. Since it was a telephone reading, I advised her that if she hears me talking to someone, I am not talking to a physical person. I am talking to my spirit guides or to the loved ones that are coming through.

I work with gathering evidence from the other side before I ask for the messages the spirit wants to communicate to the sitter. A communicator is the spirit that is coming through. First, I ask for the name of the communicator. Next, I ask if I can see them. I focus on sensing and understanding their personality. I ask how their physical body died and their relationship to the sitter. I want to know the communicator’s age when they crossed over. The communicator has to prove to me and to the sitter that they are who they say they are by providing these verifiable pieces of evidence. If I get four pieces of evidence, I will be content to begin the reading.

I told Claire, “I am feeling a presence, a male one. I am getting a V name and it sounds like Vincent to me.”

Gasping and breathing heavily, Claire replied: “Yes, that is my son, Vincent.”

“He is showing himself to me, Claire. He is tall, has short dark brown hair and light skin. He looks to me like he is 21 to 25 years old and he is wearing what looks like a baseball jersey.”

“Oh yes, he loved baseball and played on a team. You described him exactly.”

“I am hearing March, the month.” I told her.

I can show compassion more easily during an in-person reading. It’s more difficult over the telephone. I have to reach out somehow to comfort the sitter while maintaining my objectivity as best I can. After her son Vincent mentioned March, Claire broke down and started to cry uncontrollably. It took a little time before she was ready to continue with the reading.

When she could speak of it, she said: “That is the month he died.”

“I am feeling like I am in a car. This wasn’t a natural death, it was a car accident.”

“Yes, he was a passenger in the front seat.”

“I am getting the driver was drunk.”

“Yes, his friend was drinking.”

“I feel a head injury and pain on my chest.”

“The other car hit the car on the side my son was sitting on – the right side. They said the other car was going 60 miles an hour. My son was killed instantly; his head and chest were crushed.”

“Yes, I feel that he crossed over immediately. Claire, he is saying that he didn’t suffer; he didn’t feel anything. He is saying that he was pulled out of his body before the crash and that two family members were there waiting for him. He followed them into a beautiful white light.”

Again Claire broke down and then said to her son, “I am so happy that you didn’t suffer.”

Vincent suddenly became agitated; he was rushing, trying to get my attention. I remembered Louise’s warning. I realized that it had to do with how Vincent was acting.

I heard the words “She is planning…” he gave it to me a few words at a time because he didn’t want me to miss his message. “to kill herself,” he went on. The information was starting to make sense to me. “Commit suicide…” I suddenly became concerned. “because of my death,” he said.

Now I had the whole picture. Claire was planning to commit suicide because of Vincent’s death; she couldn’t deal with not having her son with her. “Please stop her!” He was pleading with me to tell her that he knew what she was planning, in hopes that she would not do it. I told him, “I will, Vincent.”

This was a delicate situation. I had to pass along Vincent’s message in a way that would have the desired impact on Claire. “Claire, Vincent loves you very much. He is telling me that you are a wonderful mother. He says that he comes around you to check up on you. He is saying that he isn’t dead, but has gone home to God. It was his time.”

Claire interrupted me. “But why! He was so young; he had a whole life ahead of him!” She was crying.

This is one reading when I wish I was there in person, I thought to myself.

“Claire, Vincent wants you know something,” I continued. “He has told me that you are planning on taking your own life because of his death.”

She broke down crying uncontrollably again. I was shaken. Oh my Lord! I thought.

When she was again calm enough to proceed, I continued giving the message. That was what Vincent wanted me to do. “He is saying that he doesn’t want you to do that; it’s not your time to go home to God yet. He is saying that you and he will see and be with each other again when it’s time for you to cross over, but that time isn’t now.”

I was asking God mentally while the message was being given “God, please help me. Let Vincent’s message to his mother heal her. Let her realize that taking her own life isn’t the answer.”

My prayer was answered.

Suddenly Claire became calm and serene; I could sense a new lightness in her spirit, as if a ton of bricks had lifted off her chest.

She said, “Thank you Freddie. I am glad that I had this reading with you. Now when I want to talk to my son, I will come to you.”

I told her, “You can always talk to Vincent without me. All you have to do is think of him and he will be there, always.”

Claire breathed. “Thank you Vincent, again you have made me proud to be your mother. I miss you and wish every day that you were here with me, but now I know that you are fine. I now know that death is not the end and I will see you again someday. I don’t want to ever disappoint you, Vincent, and I will do as you wish. You have saved me, my son and I love you with all of my heart.”

Claire thanked me, and the reading ended. Was this a coincidence? No, it wasn’t; I don’t believe in coincidences. This reading was meant to be given, because it had a powerful message to deliver and a life-saving mission.

I communicated with Claire about a month afterwards. She immediately let me know that she was fine. The reading had been life-changing for her and healed her in more ways than she could express. She also said that whenever she thinks about Vincent, she immediately feels his presence and his love.