Thank you for purchasing a reading from me. Now I will send you an email with dates and times I have open for your reading. Please respond as soon as possible so I can lock in your appointment for that date and time. I will also ask you for your telephone number, so I can call you on your reading date and time. I am on Eastern Standard Time (EST), so please take this into account.

If you live in another country and would like to have your reading done by using Skype, you will need a microphone headset to communicate with me. If you used an email other than the one you used to purchase the reading, please use the Contact Me link to send me that e-mail address so I can add you as contact on Skype. Your Skype e-mail address identifies you. 

Some online email services such as Yahoo and others may send email to your spam folder, so please if you don’t see my email, periodically check that folder right after you purchased the reading.

The day of the reading, please be relaxed and have something to write with. Before the reading, if its a psychic reading, please write down all of your questions, this way you don’t have to think of any during the reading. I usually ask if you have questions at the end of the reading if its a mediumship one.

Blessings, Love and Light,