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Southaven, Mississippi

Angie is the co-author/co-editor of two books on true After Death Communication Stories, affirming that life and love are eternal, called “He Blew Her a Kiss.”


Most of us experience difficulties in life, but one of the hardest to overcome is the loss of a loved one. Simple things we took for granted such as conversations and touch are suddenly ripped away from us, creating a void and overwhelming sense of loneliness. Everyone handles their grief journey differently and there is no “one way” to travel down this path. Fortunately, there are many tools to help us on our day-to-day walk.

Although I am involved in after death communication (ADC) work and truly believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, I, like most, experience the same emotions and grief from losing a loved one. However, by embracing what I have learned of after-death communication and truly believing that our loved ones live on, I have found great peace in knowing we are able to receive signs from our loved ones (ADCs) and that it is even possible to communicate with them through a medium.

A gifted medium can bridge the gap between the two worlds allowing our loved ones to communicate they are still with us and part of our day-to-day life. One such gifted medium is Freddie Rivera.  I found Freddie a Facebook page. I read numerous comments on readings he gave people validating their loved ones existence on the other side. I decided to contact him for I wanted so much to connect with my Dad.

I lost my Dad in 2005, and we were extremely close. I am the youngest of 5 children, the 4 oldest being boys.  Dad and I were tight!  I have often asked him for a sign and thought I was being open, but never really felt his presence. When Freddie called me for my reading I found out almost instantly how extremely gifted he is. He also has a very kind and gentle spirit.  You immediately pick up on his “authenticity” after the first minute he begins speaking with you.  Beforehand, he doesn’t want to know anything about you. The only thing he asks is for you to send him a picture of yourself ahead of time.

After a brief prayer he began to communicate with the spirits asking them to come through one at a time. Immediately my grandmother on my Dad’s side came through and he named her by her first name, Mary.  I didn’t know her for she died when my Dad was fourteen.

After a few minutes he thanked her and asked for the next spirit to come through. He began describing a man whom he said was very close to me, whose first name was J – Jo – John. He told me this was my father. I was amazed. That was my Dad’s first name.  Not only did he describe him physically to a T, he also nailed my dad’s incredible personality. He described my dad’s occupation and every piece of information he gave me was accurate. I was so excited and truly felt he was indeed communicating with my dad.

He then began naming off other relatives who were with my Dad, and also a friend. He named my uncle Bob (Dad’s brother whom he often called Robert). Freddie then asked me “who was the nurse?” That was my aunt who was married to my Uncle Bob. He also said a big brown dog was by Dad’s side and was his favorite.  I knew exactly who that was – our Akita, Suki. We had many Akitas growing up but Suki was the family favorite. Freddie even described the color of my Dad’s house and a nearby lake that he enjoyed walking around.

There were a few others who came through who I did not recognize, but these may have been people in my Dad’s life that I did not know.

Freddie then hit me with something I didn’t see coming.  He asked if I had lost any children because he was seeing two children with my dad. My initial response was no because I have no children. Then my thoughts raced back to many years ago. I did experience two early pregnancies that ended in miscarriages at about 7 weeks. Losing them in such an early stage of the pregnancy I never knew what sex they were. Freddie said Dad had my two children with him and they were a boy and a girl. Although I was so overcome with emotions at this point, it brought much peace and comfort to me. Dad told Freddie to tell me they would be waiting for me. What an amazing reunion to look forward to.

The last question Freddie wanted me to clarify was who was doing the work in grief, bereavement and after death communication. I said it was me. He told me my Dad was very aware of this and proud of me and to keep up the good work. There is no way Freddie could have realized how significant that message was for me. My dad was a devout Catholic his entire life and I always wondered what he thought of the path I was now following. Now with Freddie’s assistance I had my answer. Hearing my dad’s message only confirmed what I believe with all my heart. Our loved ones do live on and they can and will communicate with us through various means.

All of what Freddie conveyed to me was validation that it was indeed my Dad coming through.  As we were coming to the end of the reading Freddie asked my Dad for a message for me. Dad said that he loved me very much, was very proud of me and that he comes around a lot to see me and that I just need to be more open to his presence.  I had to laugh because I thought I “was” being open, doing the work that I do.  I can assure you I am even more open now!