billy_molderBillie Layland
Clarendon, Texas

Shirt off His Back

I was a bit nervous when Freddie called me to give me my reading. My son Michael came through. He told me that Michael’s death was an unnatural one. He crossed himself over.

Michael committed suicide by hanging in April of 2006. At first, Michael was hesitant to come forward, but Freddie felt his presence and asked him to communicate. He said he was sorry for what he put me through, but he wanted me to move forward with my life, and that it would make him happy if I did. I miss him with all my heart and still have tears that won’t stop, but I feel as close to him now as I did before he passed. He is doing alright.

Michael was the kind of person that would give you the shirt off his back. The following really hit home because of its accuracy.

Freddie told me that he was mentioning a female cousin of his by the name of Micki. Michael was staying with Micki, and later I found out that she helped him learn to tie a noose, but she didn’t know what his intentions were. He committed suicide in her home. There were many things that Freddie mentioned that I could validate as truth.

Sarah Kovalsky came through. She was my friend; we met on an online therapy group. At the time, I didn’t know that she was dying of cirrhosis of the liver. Sarah lost her son on March 4th of 2007, also to a suicide. Freddie described her exactly, and told me of what she died from. She had some very special messages for me. I was grateful that she came through. She gave Freddie the number five, telling me that she passed away five days after Michael did.

My mother-in-law, Ruthann Layland, was the last one to come through. My husband Ray and I made a trip to West Palm Beach Florida on Thanksgiving. It was a year before we married. That was the first time I ever saw Ruthann. She was living in an assisted living center there. Freddie felt a mother’s presence. He said she has a double name. Then he said Ann. He mentioned that there was another part to her name that began with an R letter. He also told me that she was in her mid-eighties when she passed; she was 85.

Ruthann and her first daughter in law, didn’t get along well. I could tell she felt the same way about me. Her husband had passed a couple of years before from liver cancer, and she was in a deep depression. Maybe she would have felt better if we hadn’t married, but we didn’t feel we could do things for someone else; even his mother.

While in Florida, her daughter Linda was caring for her. Sometime after our visit, the assisted care facility decided she needed total care. Linda was leaving to travel for her job.

By that time we were married, we asked her to come to the care – facility; here where we live. She wasn’t happy because the facility here was nothing compared to what her money could buy her in West Palm Beach.

My husband Ray made daily trips to see her, but we waited a bit to give her time to adjust to the new facility. One morning, as Ray was getting ready to visit his mom, the care center called to tell us that she had just passed. That was the week after she got here. I know she must be happier now than when she was here physically alive. I will never know why she really didn’t care for me, except that I didn’t come from money; our lifestyles were terribly different. During the reading she assured me that she has now accepted me and was apologetic for the way she treated me. Having her give that message from the other side, gave me a sense of peace on which I hadn’t counted on.

Freddie had told me that Ruthann died peacefully in her sleep; he was correct.

I have no doubt that we can communicate with those who have crossed over. I know that the spirit world is here on earth, but the majority of us aren’t able to pick up on them the way mediums do. I can ask my son for a hug, wrap my arms around myself and feel his energy Corse through my veins. He was always big on hugs for mom. Looking back he spent about four of his last five months with me, and every time he passed me, he asked for a hug.

I actually needed a visit from heaven and God, and my son knew that. I am a woman of great faith and truly believe that if I pray for something, God will answer my prayers and provide a way to comfort me. I thank you Freddie, for the reading that gave me such comfort.

I had to have a mediumship reading or die to be with my son. My loss was more than I could bear, and I wasn’t dealing well with is death. I still have days that are more than I can deal with; although I knew if I could just make contact with my precious boy, that I would remain here on God’s earth and follow his plan for me. Now I can wait until I am called back home with God. I know that I will again see my son and my other dear family members that are waiting there for me.

Because Mike was hesitant to come forward at first, and required some encouragement, I was afraid that I would miss out on him. During the reading, I can remember Michael trying to explain how he took his life and how he was sorry because he never wanted to hurt me. Freddie told me after the reading, that Michael was ashamed. That is the reason he was hesitant; then started to open up. I am so glad that he did.

I continue to worry, but that is the human part of me. The spiritual part, tells me that he is beyond temptation and mental illness. He is with God, and nothing will hurt him again.

Michael would have been diagnosed with Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) if there had been a diagnosis of that when he was young. There was no day that he wasn’t in trouble about something, and he was raised with an abusive father figure. He always wanted a friend but never found one. He was my oldest, and the younger kids had their little groups. Anytime he would come in the house, looking for adult attention, he was told by the father figure to go away and find something to do.

Michael was always misunderstood and taken for granted. The only person he truly knew loved him was me; his mom. The reading has made me feel a whole lot better. It is always said that those that take their own lives don’t go to Heaven, but that is far from the truth. My son is in Heaven.