Note: This is a recorded actual reading, and Clytie decided to submit it in this form. OK by me.

Clytie Koehler
San Marcos, California

Clytie is a fiction book author. Among her books are “Lizzy’s Choice” and “Guava Gravy”. She is currently working on two other books.

Mediumship Reading with Freddie Rivera, September 3, 2013

Freddie Rivera is an evidential medium. That means that he seeks evidence from Spirit to confirm that one’s loved ones are communicating with him.

After explaining his work and asking to receive only positive messages and his Spirit Gatekeeper for assistance, Freddie began the reading:

There is a motherly presence coming through, a motherly presence… more like a grandmother.

She was very old, maybe in her nineties or even 100 – I have never met one so old

She was almost 103

Wow, no wonder… she had a lot of issues, things that were wrong with her – of course at that age, she would. Yes.

Was there congestive heart failure? Not that I know of. Or something about her blood? I said “no” but thought about her very poor circulation at the end of her days.

What was your grandmother’s name? Jessamine. Excuse me? Jessamine. Jessamine? Yes.

She went peacefully.

She was not very tall, only about 5 ‘or so. Yes, 5’2” I think but very bent over near the end

Of course at that age she had white or grey hair. Yes, it was white.

She had dark eyes. Yes, dark brown.

I feel she was high strung, or… it is hard to place a word for her… she knew what she wanted. Yes.

She was well respected. There was a time when she came closer to you. Yes, she lived with me for the last 9+ years of her life.

She was between being and introvert and an extrovert. I said nothing but thought: Yes, she seemed content on her own but enjoyed visiting as well.

She is saying “July”. Yes, that is when she passed over.

She says you have three children. Yes

I get something educational about her. She was a smart lady. She was not highly educated herself, she had been to Business College but education was a high family value for her.

She is proud of the person you have become. She loves it that you help people. She adores you. She wants to thank you for everything you did for her. My answers to these statements were too monosyllabic to report here. I was very touched.

Who is the lawyer? I am. She loves what you went out and did for yourself.

She comes around you. I think of her often. That is confirmation.

Is someone a Christian? I see a rosary. No, I can’t think of anyone. (But I now wonder if it was my mother’s Sanyasin mala he was seeing. It is a long string of beads with a picture of Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh attached.) Well write it down, maybe it will come to you later.

Who is Elizabeth? I am also an author and Elizabeth is a character I write about.

Oh, I see, you write about her? You shouldn’t have told me you are an author; I might have gotten that from someone. Oh, okay.

There is another person around her, your grandmother, someone in Spirit. She is another mother figure. Do you have a mother in Spirit? Yes. She might have been in her 60s, say later than mid-sixties. Yes. (She was 69)

There is an “A” name, who has an “A” name who is in Spirit? I can’t think of anyone.

Who is Alice? Oh my gosh! Alice was my mother’s best friend all of her life.

Alice is next to her. Oh, that’s lovely!

Your mother was 5’5” or 5’6”? Yes or maybe even a little taller. 5’7” then? I think so. 5’7” is tall for the average woman.Yes, I suppose so.

Do you look like your mom? You favour her in some ways? Yes I guess so, some.

She had blue eyes. Do you have blue eyes? Yes, we both have blue eyes

She is very apologetic. She asks you to forgive her. She wants you to forgive her for what she put you through throughout your life. Do you understand? Yes and she doesn’t need to ask for that.

I smell smoke. There is male next to her who used to smoke a lot. Did your mom smoke?

Yes but not very much.

Your mom comes through showing that she had a lot of issues. Yes she did. There was something that spread throughout her body. Did she have cancer? No, she was alcoholic and at the end it seemed that all of her organs failed. That may be where you picked up the congestive heart failure that you mentioned earlier. Oh, that’s what it was!

She says you have one sister. Yes, that’s right.

She’s still here. Yes

Your mom is apologetic to her as well. She wants you to give her the message. I sure will!

Was someone cremated? I get cremation. Yes, both my mother and grandmother were cremated.

She is proud of the woman that you are. That is good to hear.

About your being an author; I get the number 2 about your books… Well, I have two books self-published on Amazon and I am finishing a two volume set not yet published. Oh, yes, well that explains it.

She adores you. She comes to you in your dreams… or she has come to you in your dreams at least once. Yes, I have dreamed of her but not a lot. That was a visitation. That is how she makes her presence known to you.

You had a brother. Yes

I get a sharp pain, he crossed over. He was far away when he crossed. Yes.

Someone crossed him over… someone killed him! Yes.

He was very young… very young… maybe in his late twenties… Yes (he was 28)

He was doing something in another country when he crossed. Yes.

He was doing something… working in another country… Yes

He is saying “I love you too. I know how much you loved me and I love you too.” Yes, I did, thank you!

Who is William? That is his name!

But they called him Bill for short, right? Yes!

He has good energy. He was in a bad place when he crossed. I get a Spanish speaking country. Yes, that’s right. I meant the place he was in was bad, not the country.

What country was it? Honduras. Oh, Honduras.

You loved him a great deal. Yes, I did.

He says he had 2 children. That’s right.

He says he knows what you have been through in life and he is proud of everything you have done. He is proud of how you have withstood it all. You are a strong woman. He loves how you went forth and made something of yourself. I am very touched to hear that.

Your mom yelled at me! She did?

Yes, your mom yelled at me. She said “1995!” That is the year she crossed over.

Bill, it wasn’t his time to go. It wasn’t? No, someone crossed him over. Yes

He is a protector. Yes. He comes around and watches over you… like a guardian angel.

Was he buried in a casket? Yes. That might be where the rosary comes in because he was buried in Honduras in a Catholic ceremony because that was what they do there. OK.

Your brother was not fat. No. He was a skinny guy. He was lean, yes.

He’s showing red hair, very light – not dark red. Yes, he had red hair, not auburn at all.

His eyes were not dark, were they light. They were green. My mom’s and mine are blue, my grandmothers were dark brown, and Bill’s were green.

He was handsome. Yes he was.

About 5’9” with the same hair colour as you…

No, he was much taller than that and his hair was red.

Not as much as 6’ though…

I believe he was 6’3”.

Really? That tall?

Yes, I think maybe you are getting someone else. I have an idea who it might be.

Okay Clytie, our session is over but there is one more.

He feels familiar. He says your friend Medea; you are like a mother figure to her. You are like a mother figure to Medea. Does that make sense? Yes!

You are her mother! Yes.

It is Edwin. Yes. Edwin… You were divorced from him. Yes.

He was 5’9” and earlier in life his hair was close to the same colour as mine.

Ahh, the 5’9” I got before, feels like he was standing close to William who you said is 6’ 3”. He says he always loved you. I know

He had lung cancer and he had to wear that thing around his throat… Yes, I listened to Medea’s reading. You did? Yes.

That’s good. And he was bald at the end.

He loves you; he’s sorry about the way things went between you but you each had your own life paths. I know. It was my decision to end it.

He was a strong-willed man. Yes

A quiet man but he had his moments. (Maybe quiet at the end when he couldn’t talk!)

He just came through to say hello. Hello Ed.

He’s sending a lot of love – he wants you to give all of his children a big hug and kiss.

I will.

He’s proud of you, too.

He wants you to keep going… the rest of your life is going to be wonderful. You are on your right path.

I am trying.

You are learning lessons.


Physical review (key points)

I feel stress in your head, enough to throw you off.

There is something missing about your eyes… I get something missing about your eyes. Yes

Are you missing an eye? Yes

Because I only get one… you are right.

Do you have a lifelong battle with your weight? Yes

Your body flashes red. That could mean (here Freddie named off a number of possibilities, diabetes being one of them). Yes, I am diabetic.

You are careful what you eat, is that because of indigestion? No, I am careful what I eat because I want to protect my health.

Freddie then named a few minor issues and then told me he feels I am healthy.