kalila_smithKalila Smith
New Orleans, Louisiana

Kalila was born and raised in New Orleans. She personally researched and wrote the material featured on Haunted History Tours of New Orleans’ Ghost, Vampire and Voodoo tours. She is the author of New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo, & Vampires, Tales From the French Quarter, Farewell, My Forever Child, and Miami’s Dark Tales. Her newest book is Afterlife Mysteries Revealed.

I Want Pizza Too

After my daughter’s sudden death in January, 2013, I consulted several mediums to connect with her for messages. One of them was Freddie Rivera. Freddie conducted his sessions by phone. I was very curious about this method of mediumship as the sitter was not in front of the medium; so no face to face contact. This would seem to be more difficult but not for Freddie.

Like most mediums he began his session explaining how it worked for him.   Once he had done that, he asked his “gate keeper” to allow the first contact to speak to him. He described a man that could be no one other than my father who had died when I was eighteen years old; thirty-seven years earlier!

Freddie described my father to a tee. He immediately tuned into the estranged relationship that I had shared with him. He told me that my father was sorry for the distance that he had put between us during his life. He also expressed that he was proud of me and encouraged me to write more. Freddie then said that my father was with two other people. He said the woman had an “M” name like “Margaret.” He also said the number four.

My father had four siblings, one of whom was his sister Margaret. He then asked me if I knew someone named “Robert.”

My Aunt Margaret was married to my Uncle Bob. This was definitely my father that was coming through and this was my validation. Freddie then said there was someone with a name that began with “L.” At the time, this made no sense to me other than that my maiden name began with “L.” Later that evening, I remembered that my father’s other sister was my Aunt Lily. My father’s visit was just the beginning in what was to turn out as an incredible reading. There was much more to come.

My mother then stepped forward and again, Freddie described her in the finest details. I was pleased to learn that my parents were still very much a couple and soul mates on the other side. They had been together since they were very young and spent their entire lives together. I had read in many sources that married couples continue as couples together in the afterlife, this seemed to validate that school of thought. I don’t know what that means for the rest of us. I should have asked because I cannot help but wonder if those of us who are alone in this life, without a significant other, continue the same in the afterlife.

Freddie told me that my mother spoke of someone named “Kathy” and he was confused as to whether it was a “C” or a “K” name. I was absolutely blown away by this! My mother’s name was Carrie. My birth name was Kathy. I legally changed my name to Kalila after using the name as a stage name during my many years as a performance artist, then as a pen name as an author.

My parents mentioned the month of March. This could only connect to my deceased daughter whose birthday is March 1. Stephanie died from an obscure infection following what should have been a routine outpatient surgical procedure. Freddie immediately tuned into Stephanie’s child-like nature and asked me if she was “special.” I told him that he was correct. Stephanie had Down Syndrome. Although she was almost thirty when she died, her energy was more like a younger child.

Freddie amazed me when he delivered what he felt was a strange message from Stephanie. He hesitated and said, “She said, ‘Hey I like pizza too, bring me a piece.’ I don’t know why she is talking about pizza.”

I couldn’t believe he told me that! Unbeknownst to Freddie, I was in my car on my mobile phone sitting outside a pizza restaurant, waiting for my granddaughter to pick up an order. There was absolutely no way that he could have possibly known that. Stephanie, no doubt, knew where I was!   Also, he said it exactly the way she would have. This was not a coincidence, he had communicated with her.

Freddie had no way of knowing what I had done earlier that day. This was All Souls Day. It is the day in the Catholic Church as well as in other traditions such as Santeria. We honor the souls who have passed and continue their spiritual lessons in hopes of ascending to their highest potential. I had spent the morning with my godparents cleaning the graves of several people who were buried in Holt Cemetery; a city cemetery for those who cannot afford private cemeteries. I had chosen to clean the grave of an unnamed baby boy who died in 2011.

In addition to honoring this unknown child and others who were buried there, I remembered my own unnamed child that was lost to miscarriage in 1981. That baby would have been my middle child. In the 1980s, babies who died that early were unceremoniously disposed of by the hospital, and bereaved mothers were given no sympathy for their loss. It was assumed that the mother was “young and able to have another child.” Although I grieved deeply for this child, I was very young and hardly grieved properly for the loss. I did the socially accepted thing at the time and pushed my grief inside. I remained heartbroken over the loss until Stephanie’s birth, when I was able to move forward past the pain. Although it was too early to determine the sex of the baby, I had always imagined that is was a boy. I had picked out the name Christopher, but not a girl’s name, even though it might have been a girl for all I knew. I shared the story with my godparents and we called the baby in the unmarked grave, Christopher Doe.

I then told my godparents that I often wondered if Stephanie met her unborn sibling on the other side. Later that evening, when I spoke to Freddie, that question was answered. After Freddie delivered the message about the pizza he told me that Stephanie said that she did not have a brother but a sister on the other side. He asked if I had miscarried.   I was again blown away by this information. I made a comment that I had been calling the baby Christopher but all the while it was a Christina.

On the night of my reading, Stephanie appeared to me in a dream and informed me that her sister’s name is Jennifer. When my oldest daughter was a young child, she always wanted a baby sister and wanted to name her Jennifer. When I had Stephanie, my oldest even called her Jennifer when she was first born. It took a while for her to grow accustomed to calling her Stephanie. All throughout Stephanie’s life, she always said she had two sisters. I would always correct her and say, “You have only one sister.”

She would always respond, “No, I have two.”

This would explain why the butterflies always appear in pairs. There are always two butterflies that show up together, one from Stephanie and the other from the daughter that I never got to know. The one message that she did give to me in the dream was that she is where she came from. She said, “This is where we all come from; I am home.”

This revelation also validated a previous reading I had in June from an artist medium who said that Stephanie kept telling her a name that started with a “J.” This medium even said the name “Jen.”

It is common that mediums will see, hear or feel something that the sitter does not readily recognize. During my reading with Freddie, he kept asking me about someone whose name started with an “A.” He said “Annie” or “Anna.” He also said she would have been a grandmother or grandmother figure. All of my grandparents were deceased by the time I was born so I did not know any of them. I did however know that no one went by that name. So this name, like “Jen” in June, made no sense to me at the time. I later learned from a cousin that my Aunt Lily’s first name was Anna.

I was amazed by Freddie’s medium reading and I later used him again for a psychic reading. I and was equally impressed. Thank you, Freddie!