kathleenKathleen Theresa Ferber Eggert
Levittown, Pennsylvania

Kathleen is a Minister, Teacher and Counselor.

The Flowers

When I lost both of my parents; they were some of the hardest years of my life. I had been in a very deep, dark, depression for a number of years, and my quality of life had plummeted further and further. I had finally decided enough is enough when my wonderful son said it was time to stop grieving, and start concentrating on those who were still living, and who loved me.

At that point I took a few classes at the community college in Spirituality; Past Lives Theory, Intuitiveness and Creativeness.

After one of these classes and an e-mail from one of the professors, I had been put in contact with a woman by the name of Christine Dominiak. She had a radio show. Christine sent me an e-mail about a woman who was writing a book based on contact from loved ones on to the afterlife. She asked me to share some of my visits or signs with the author.

After the author read my story, she said she was “Guided” to sign me on with her group. She also said that I would meet people that “will listen and stand by you, and who are like-minded.” I had no idea at the time that this wonderful compassionate group of people would change my life for the better forever!

I had a card reading once with a woman who claimed to be intuitive. I didn’t take a great deal away from the experience, because everything she told me was much too vague. I felt like it was a blanket reading, and that she was giving only the meaning of the cards; there was no intuition involved or being used.

I absolutely know that we can communicate with those who have physically died, most definitely. I’ve had many signs from my loved ones; I can feel their warm hands on my back at times. There are a total of six that were close to me that have passed.

My father spoke to me through a television show that had a medium; he gave me a sign of snow falling only over our house on the 1st Christmas after he had passed. My mother and daughter were both present to see this.

My mother left beautiful small pink flowers all over my car three weeks after her passing; in the middle of winter one morning. No flowers were found anywhere else on my property. The car parked right next to it in the driveway had nothing. There were none on the ground or trees. They were only on my car.

Amazingly, at a later time when I had a reading with Freddie, he told me that my mother communicates with me sometimes with flowers.

The same morning I had found the flowers, I found a birthday card from her that had a sticker sealing the envelope with a flower identical to the ones on my car. The card had a prayer on it; “You can get through anything.”

When my husband’s Uncle Bobbie had passed, (we had been friends on Facebook and we used to banter and kid a lot). My cover photo would change to his picture all by itself. It had also changed to pictures of flowers the day I planted a garden in his honor.

My niece passed away at the age of twenty-four a few years ago at the hands of a doctor, who misdiagnosed her case. My husband and I were discussing the possibility of her parents suing the hospital and the doctor. At that moment during the discussion, the lights in my kitchen went on by themselves.

On the morning of the day Freddie was to call to give me the reading, my husband and I were leaving work. We got to the door and opened it. A breeze blew by, and the scent of fresh beautiful roses passed by us. I knew it was my mother.

I know that there is life after death, just as well as I know my name. I needed closure for my daughter who had a nervous breakdown the year my mother had passed away. She had been very close to both of my parents, and she just couldn’t handle their deaths. She spent months crying, and I needed the healing process to begin for her before it was too late. I needed validation that all of my experiences were real; that I wasn’t dreaming these beautiful signs up in my head. I needed to know that my loved ones who had passed were at peace, not in pain. I needed to know that they are with God and happy and that my mom and dad were together again. I also needed to know that those warm hands on my back were exactly what I had felt they were.

Freddie called, and my daughter was allowed to sit in during the reading. I have to admit I was a little taken back at first when he began speaking of a “Gatekeeper” and how the reading began since I’d never experienced anything like this.

As I began to settle in, a man with the letter J stepped forward. “Jo sounding like John”, Freddie said. It was my uncle Johnnie. How appropriate that he came forward at the very beginning as he had been the first person in my life to pass away. I was sixteen at the time and was very upset. He’d lived right next door and just before he had become ill, he’d come to visit with us every night around dinner time. My uncle was a sweet man who whistled while he walked from their house to ours, and sang while we ate dinner. I had missed him terribly when he stopped coming. A few months after, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within that year.

During the reading Freddie told me he said he was sorry for hurting me, for staying away. Freddie also described him; there was no mistake that it was my uncle Johnnie.

Freddie then brought forward a man with blue eyes and light colored hair. The letter “A; Albert” he said. It was my dad (Chick by nickname). He said that he loved me, was proud of the woman I had become, and proud of the mother I was. He said that he knew I was now a grandmother, and that they had seen the babies before they were born. He told me my parents had lived in a light-colored house by water. The house was around the corner from a huge lake. He said that my dad was happy and was with his two dogs, and that he had a boat. Freddie saw my dad and the dogs on the lake in the boat. My father always wanted a boat. He said he felt no more pain, and that he knew my dad was unable to speak for some time before his death.

He also validated that my Dad knew I was with him when he passed, and that he knew my children were there as well.

Freddie told me my mom was with him, that they were together again. That my mom’s name started with an “M” “Mary”, he said accurately. She had salt and pepper hair and was quiet, not much to say, but she knew we were having the reading that night and the scent of roses we had smelled was from her telling us; she knew of the reading.

Freddie knew of the pain in her head that had caused her death. She had a brain aneurysm. He knew I spent one night alone with her in her hospital room quietly speaking to her; I had massaged her arms and legs, touched her face and head, and I told her it was ok to let go. He told me the signs I had been receiving were from them and that the hands on my back were from all of those loved ones that had passed “Had my back.” This confirmed to me the six hands I felt were theirs.

Freddie has done more than one reading on me. The second was to be of guidance to my life’s path. We discussed how my spiritual journey had just begun, and I was to join a group of like-minded individuals who I would be able to feel comfortable with and grow spiritually. He also began speaking of my two brothers telling me that one of them had heart problems. Within three days, one of my brothers was admitted into the hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

He had also told me that this brother would be hurting me in the near future. I couldn’t even imagine that, but it was true. Within eight months, he had decided to walk out of my life since he didn’t like me becoming this new “Spiritual” person.

Freddie also shared that my other brother and I had issues; I didn’t want to mention them here, but Freddie was right on about them.

Freddie took it upon himself when I became very ill two years ago January to call me at home on a Saturday evening and spend almost two hours with me. He did a long-distance Reiki healing on me, and taught me how to cleanse and align my chakra’s. He taught me how to say a protective prayer, how to ground and center myself. I slept for an entire night for the first time that very night. That was a miracle at that time in itself!

After going over everything that had transpired that evening and the next few days, and reading the notes I had written, things became much clearer. A million-pound weight was lifted. The grieving process began to dissipate right then and there.

The entire next year was spent healing and learning, and Freddie, has been there for me every step of the way. He is my “Spiritual Mentor.” He has changed my life for the better; he has completely helped in my healing process and is playing a huge part in my life; entirely turning 180 degrees in a different direction.

Since he has been guiding me, I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy/Metaphysical Sciences and have taken my vows to become a Minister/Teacher/Counselor. I am currently a student of Thanatology hoping to do work in grief counseling for children and also work in hospice in some capacity. I volunteer at an assisted-living facility and will be volunteering to work at a facility to counsel children who have lost loved ones.

I am finally at peace in my life now, happier than I’ve ever been and owe a great deal of it to this wonderful caring person. These readings have given me the closure that was needed for me to move forward with my life, and to find peace and happiness within myself; to find a new passion and possibly a brighter future. I now have everything I need to be whole again. I love this man, my dear friend Freddie Rivera!