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Medea is a fiction writer. Her very first book is out now called “Darcy’s Last Promise”.

Elvis Is In the House

I have had plenty of readings in my life from different mediums and also was an active medium when I was younger (I stopped doing readings), so when I say that Freddie’s gift far surpasses any I have ever experienced, that is saying a lot.

In preparation for the reading, I had talked to and set out one item each of the three people I really wanted to hear from.

After first explaining what and how he was going to do the reading, we prayed of only light and benevolent spirits to come through. He asked his Gate Keeper, to begin with letting only one spirit at a time come through. He said an older gentleman was there that had already been coming around him before he even called me.

Then to my utter delight, he started describing my dad to a T. He described my dad’s height, little to no hair, skinny frame and then that he was wearing a breathing apparatus around his neck. He said that he had a hard time breathing, when he passed. I then explained that my father had died of throat and lung cancer. I didn’t mention that my dad had his whole inside of his throat hollowed out and could only breath through the hole in his neck. I didn’t feel I needed to explain that part. I knew without a doubt at that point that he was speaking with my dad.

While I was still in shock, I was taken by surprise by the fact that there was more jaw dropping messages to come.

My dad told Freddie that I was his daughter and that I had four kids. Freddie said that my dad was throwing names at him. He named all of my kids except for one; an MA name. He described her as the third child and that she looked just like me. The third child he spoke of is my daughter Miranda. We refer to her as my mini me. She reminded me later that my dad spelled her name Maranda. Also my youngest son has an unusual name and was the grandchild who got to spend the most time with my dad. He said, “Tell Porter I said hi and give him a hug for me”. My dad had said this many times to me on the phone when he was still able to speak.

He talked of my dad’s head not being clear at the end. My dad’s mind was not functioning well due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. He said that my dad had worked with his hands and did maintenance. All of this was true. Then he threw me for another loop and said I get the name EdEdEdward. I got so excited I jumped up and said yes, actually forgetting for a moment my own dads name was Edwin. He spoke of my dad being determined and strong willed and having the personality that smiled and laughed a lot. He said “he adores you” many times. I was his only daughter. He also said my dad was the kind of parent who demanded respect. That comment made me laugh. My dad had disowned me for a day at a time on many occasions! Freddie also smelled cigarettes and remarked that my dad chain smoked and drank alcohol. This was also a very accurate description of my dad.

My father told Freddie that I was gifted. I felt my gift had gone away, and my dad knew that thought had left me feeling half empty. That validation from him was a nice gesture, not to mention that it gave me a sense of purpose again. He also showed Freddie my image and Freddie described me. He mentioned the military service we had for my dad’s memorial. Freddie then brought up a woman with my dad. Not knowing of one on the other side except for my grandmother or aunt, I was shocked again when Freddie asked “who is Virginia?” Oh mygosh!She is my dad’s girlfriend of 30 years who is very near the end of her life .We never thought my dad would go before her, as she has been sick for many years.

Freddie also acknowledged by name ‘Niki’; a cousin I had raised.There were so many other messages that came out of that reading and just too many to share. My dad was so enthusiastic about getting to communicate that he took up the whole 30 minutes! It was a wonderful gift for which I will always be grateful. I was not done though, so I booked another reading for the next day. There were two other individuals that I dearly needed to hear from.


My second reading,

Freddie asked me for the first name of the person I wanted to talk to. I told him David. He said he felt that the death was unnatural and asked if it had been a car accident. I acknowledged this and he said he felt something with the chest and that it was a very powerful crash (our car split in half). Freddie described David’s looks and dark prominent eyes. He also saw his tattoos.

He then saw another gentleman in black. David didn’t really wear black; I had a sneaking suspicion of who it was though. We just kind of let it go for the time being.

Freddie then said David wanted to convey a message “Tell Porter I love him and miss him very much.”Porter is David and my son.

He felt David was unhealthy towards the end of his life. I had left David as I had no choice, and he had become very wreck – less with alcohol and prescription drugs. He had overdosed twice and was very weakened and unhealthy as a result. To add to my raw feelings of attaining word from David, he said he was very sorry for the way things had turned out. David had asked me to marry him two days before he died and I had accepted.

Freddie had felt David’s torment from a very rough and painful and abusive childhood, and expressed that no matter how hard David had tried to get passed it, he just couldn’t do it and he turned to alcohol and drugs.

David said I was a good mom and that things would get easier with our son when he gets older and he would be fine. Our son is autistic. He said he loved me and was sending me flowers. Freddie said they were all different kinds of flowers, that I didn’t have a favorite. He said he saw wild flowers. I laughed; David used to tease me because I picked bouquets of wild flowers and even added weeds if they were pretty. The reading with David was wonderful and full of many more messages.

Again one of my loved ones took up almost the whole reading. So we decided to quickly do one more because I wanted to hear from this other person and said it would be very short. I only needed validation that he was still with me; I hadn’t felt him lately and we had made a deal years ago.

Freddie asked me for his first name. I paused and explained that this person had been with me since I was twelve, just after his death and that I couldn’t say his name because he was famous. Freddie then said “Is it Elvis Presley? Elvis is here.”That’s all I needed. Elvis first appeared to me when I was twelve and had always stuck with me. He also came through on three other occasions with three other mediums. We have shared past lives as cousins. Our deal is that he is going to be the one who helps me transition and cross over when it is time. He acknowledged to Freddie that he still would. Before we hung up the phone, we knew who the man in black was. I really thought it was funny when I realized that I had an Elvis mug not three feet in front of me and he was dressed in black!

I will always be so grateful for these very special readings and look forward to more readings with Freddie in the Future. The message from my dad about still being gifted has also left me a little inspired to revisit that part of my life again. Maybe I just needed a break.

Again thank you so much Freddie, for the visit with my loved ones.

Medea Yorba