Simone Gabbay
Toronto, ON Canada

Simone is the author of three books based on the readings of the late Christian mystic and visionary Edgar Cayce.

Freddie Rivera: A Direct Link to Heaven


Even if we believe that consciousness survives death, as some 80 percent of North Americans do, the death of a loved one is extremely difficult to come to terms with. One of the hardest aspects of losing someone close to us is that we can no longer communicate with that person. If only we could be assured of their existence, their awareness of our thoughts and prayers for them; if only there were some way in which we could still reach them and also hear from them! The wonderful truth is that we can! In His infinite compassion, God has placed gifted mediums among us who are able to reach beyond the veil and establish a link between the realms of the living and the so-called dead.

Freddie Rivera is such an individual. A Christian Spiritualist, medium, and clairvoyant, he is able to connect with those who have passed on and communicate with them as if they were in the same room with us (and perhaps they are?). I learned about Freddie through an online group intended to provide hope and support to those who have loved ones on the other side. Over a period of several months, I observed as other members of this group provided their feedback from the mediumship readings that Freddie Rivera had done for them. Their reports were impressive, to say the least. In reading after reading, Freddie successfully connected the bereaved with loved ones who had passed on. He accurately provided names, times and circumstances of death, descriptions, and specific information that assured those left behind that their loved ones were not only fully conscious in the beyond, but were peaceful, happy, and remained fully aware of, and interested in, their ongoing earthly affairs. Again and again, I witnessed group members expressing their gratitude to Freddie Rivera for having given them evidence of their loved ones’ continued existence, as well as peace of mind and heart through the opportunity of communicating with them. It was also clear to me that Freddie was a person of high integrity who was motivated by a deep desire to help others.

I have many loved ones on the other side, and I was anxious to hear from them. I decided to contact Freddie Rivera and book my own reading with him. I had had psychic readings before—some 30 years ago—but had never experienced a mediumship reading, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was a bit nervous with anticipation as Freddie began the reading with a prayer of protection and a request to his spirit guides to allow only authentic, benevolent spirits to come through. I was hopeful, yet afraid I might be disappointed. Soon my nervousness was replaced by amazement. Each person who came through did so with very much the same personality they had had while they were still on earth, and they used “identifiers” that were authentic beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Freddie Rivera is an evidence-oriented medium; he does not want to be told anything in advance about those with whom we seek contact. Spirits are requested to come through one by one and introduce themselves with “evidence” for who they state they are. I was astounded by how quickly and accurately Freddie picked up names and the description of places and circumstances from some of my departed loved ones. In one instance there was contact with my sister, and after she identified herself, Freddie started describing the type of work that she had done. I wanted to make it easier for him and began to specify her occupation, when he assertively stated a highly specific, more accurate and more sophisticated designation of her profession, which was exactly what my sister would have done, to correct me. It was as though her personality spoke through him. Even more amazingly, my sister mentioned an upcoming celebration the following month that I was not aware of at the time of the reading. I didn’t know what she meant until sometime later, when the events of that month began to unfold and my sister’s comment about “a celebration in June” made perfect sense to me and my family. We were absolutely amazed at how her spirit knew about an upcoming event of which I had yet to become aware.

Another amazing fact for me was that my mother, in identifying herself, mentioned that she was with William, clearly my stepfather Bill. I had completely forgotten, but was later reminded by my husband, that my mother had always called my stepfather “William,” although he was “Bill” to everyone else. You can see what I mean when I say that everyone’s personality was very much unchanged from how they had been while on earth.

When my grandmother came through, she identified herself as a deeply religious woman connected with the Lutheran Church, who was offering me roses. Anyone who would have known my grandmother and the relationship I had with her would agree that this was all that was needed to establish her as my grandmother. The identifiers, though few, were so precisely on target, it was nothing short of uncanny.

Even a month later, when I think about some of the specifics that came through in the reading, I feel awe and reverence in view of what transpired. It would be impossible for the information from this reading to have been accurate by mere chance. Even telepathy, for instance if Freddie had read my mind, could not possibly account for the specifics that the reading provided. It was clear that the information came directly from my loved ones—my sister, mother, stepfather, and grandmother, who continue to exist on a plane or dimension beyond the physical world.

Freddie Rivera has an amazing gift and skill that he is employing to bring profound healing and peace to the bereaved, to those who long to know that their loved ones are still near in spirit and are eager to communicate with them. I always have been and will be among the 80 percent of the population who believe in life after death, but after my reading with Freddie, I also have direct and convincing evidence that my loved ones continue to exist in a form that I am unable to perceive with my physical senses.