I have added testimonials written by authors, lawyers, and other professional people, along with housewives and the everyday average person. These people wanted to share how a mediumship reading has changed or saved their own life. I asked the editors to do very minimal work, so that these testimonials are in each individual’s own words.

I have added a little of the personal information (with permission of course) of the people who have written their testimonials, for authenticity. It is my hope that with this added credibility, more people will feel comfortable and open to experiencing a reading and healing of their own. I read for people all over the world and I give the readings by telephone. Readings are relaxed and done in the comfort of the person’s own home.

Spirit never ceases to amaze me. I still often feel as if I were experiencing the powerful way they can communicate for the very the first time. I hope these testimonials bring you comfort in knowing that we don’t die; love continues on.