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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hey Mom Quit Smoking!

I had my reading with Freddie on a Sunday night. I was not disappointed at all! In fact, I tried to prepare myself mentally and even went as far as investing in a digital recorder so that I could tape the conversation with his permission; I would be able to play back the reading in case I missed something or couldn’t remember what he said. I do have brain fog due to my deep grief. I also took notes to go back over if there was something I needed to clarify or re-validate.

Freddie, you my friend, are the authentic real deal. You have been blessed with this beautiful gift to share with others.

First let me say “Thank You!” You have helped me more than you could possibly know and there are simply no words that can articulate what your reading meant and means to me. I am grateful that you helped me!

Freddie as you know, I was a little nervous at first, but you made me feel at ease pretty much right away. What you don’t know is that before you called me, and you were right on the dot with the time, is that I surrounded myself with pictures of my loved ones, and belongings of them and white candles. And yes, I drank plenty of water!

Freddie explained how he works and we moved forward with his reading. He first brought through my maternal grandfather. His picture was one that I mentioned. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure. I thought it might be someone else close to me, but it was evident that it was my grandfather. I never had the honor of his memory because he passed away when I was 10 or 11 months old. Freddie gave me his name and his middle name and also was able to tell me how he passed and what his health issues were. My grandfather passed away with a massive heart attack. In fact, when he had it, I was sitting on his lap. Everything he told me about my grandfather was in line with everything I was ever told about him.

Yes Freddie, he was a hardworking man that commanded respect, but was kind and loved his family. He picked cotton during the Depression and then worked at a glass plant with one lung to boot. It was great to hear from him as I always heard so many stories about him and never had the privilege of knowing him. He passed at 70 years old; looking at my records.

Then Freddie brought through Mary, my Mom. She was with her father, John Robert; my grandfather. My mother passed in 2006 and that was the most grief stricken and devastated I had ever been, with the loss of her. I don’t even remember the first year after her passing. She was my rock, my best friend and we did everything together. She helped me raise my kids and was in their lives every day. Freddie was able to validate through many things that it was her; from where she worked, in the VA Hospital, to our next door neighbor and friend, Joanne. We lived side by side with Joanne for many years and my mom and her were very good friends. He brought through her personality as well. And yes Freddie, she was a very outspoken woman (extravert) and if you didn’t want her opinion, you better not ask; sometimes you might have gotten it anyway.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud). She was beautiful inside and out and loved by many. She was a neat lady and I have been told by some that she was “Hollywood Beautiful.” I am grateful that God blessed me with her as my mother. I have always said that if I could be half the woman she was, I would be doing ok. You told me she had two siblings, and that is correct. You also detected her heart troubles and breast cancer. She was a seven year Breast Cancer Survivor, and when it came back, it came back fast and furious. You said that you felt it all through her body. And yes, it spread to her bones. You mentioned her head. I am thinking that when I brought her home from the hospital and brought hospice in, that maybe it was because she was so medicated for pain. I don’t know that for sure, but my gut tells me so. In the days before her passing, with chemo and her meds, she was in and out with lucidity. I watched her carry on conversations with her lost loved ones and listened.

I knew she was tired and was done with chemo. We agreed to stop and take her home. I only had her home for a few days before she passed. Our hospice team was amazing and I know their job is to make the person as comfortable as possible. My mom was aware and lucid when I got her home and was talking and happy to be home. And when hospice came in, they made sure she wasn’t in pain, but unfortunately, that meant that she was sleeping and not conscious much. The night before she passed, I knew that the time was close. I didn’t want her to be in pain, but I also wanted her to be able to communicate if she could. So I cut back a little bit on her meds and knew that if she was in distress or pain, I could give her more.

I feel like I made the right decision there. She was able to call for me and speak her last beautiful words to me. I was with my Mom when she passed. I have always felt that was both a blessing and a curse. Freddie, I know she saw Angels and loved ones in the room. I could feel them too! And Oh My Gosh! To know that our cat, Perseus was with my Mom, was so awesome! We loved that cat! He was a 25 lb. orange and white long haired tabby. Heart smiles! You also smelled smoke. My mother smoked. And I believe my grandfather smoked pipes too. I am going to double verify that tomorrow.

Ok, before I get to the hardest part for me, let me mention a couple of other things. You brought through a “William” or “Bill”. I identified him as my husband’s maternal grandfather. You also mentioned a “Joseph”. Well, today I clarified that. My husband’s grandfather’s name is William Joseph Thompson. He was called Bill. He passed in 1997 and lived in PA. I have never met him, nor had my children. It was good to know that he wanted to say hi and that he was there with other loved ones. You asked me if February meant anything to me. Well that was his birth month. That is also my husbands; his grandson. Bill’s birthday is the 23rd of Feb and my husbands is the 21st of Feb.

Freddie, you mentioned that you felt that there were a lot of spirits in line that wanted to communicate. You said that they were busy or pushy or something along those lines, LOL. With that being said, I am sure I will be in touch to do a full reading with you later.

Now for the hardest part for me, Freddie; you said that Mary had a young male with her. You described him to me as a blonde or dirty blonde haired young male. You said he had blue eyes. You said he didn’t identify his name and you didn’t know why, but that you felt a deep connection with us and with my loved ones that had already come through in the reading. That there were family lines there. That he was a teenager and that he passed from an accident. You said that for whatever reason, it was his karmic destiny to have a short life here on earth. That he comes to visit often and messes with my electronics and lights and even hangs out with our dog Sadie.

I validated you that I have seen our dog and cats behave oddly and follow things with their eyes that I can’t see. They sometimes appear to chase air either with just their eyes or even their little bodies. I have had so many things happen, that at first I thought I was done gone on the crazy bus. I can’t articulate it, but I have felt chills or goose bumps and the hair will stand on my arms. As though, I am being lightly touched. I have had coins appear, when I know that they were not there before. Music has changed on its own in the car. I have seen white glimmers out of my peripheral vision. My laptop times out, and the screen should stay blacked out. It will come back on all by itself. Lights flicker and I see dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds and even grasshoppers. There are so many things that happen. The smell of his cologne, or just that dirty little boy smell (Mom’s know what I speak of; puppy dog smells and snails LOL). I have pictures with pink orbs and other colors. Too much to say but you get my drift.

He showed you a notebook or tablet and you wondered if he was an artist or liked to draw. The composition notebook that I had next to me while you were doing my reading was one of his. I was writing notes in it. In that notebook is a few of his drawings. You said “He knows how much I love him and that he loves me. That we will see each other again; that he will come to me in my dreams; A vivid one.” I have dreamed of him, but in the sense that I am waiting for him. That I know he is there and I can feel him but he is out of sight. I am banking on that Freddie. Big time! Praying that it is so!

My youngest son, Trey, is my lil snuggle bunny and music man. He was a Momma’s boy and didn’t care who knew it. He embraced life with such exuberance and was a total boy. He was handsome, not just because I am his Mom and am partial. LOL. Freddie you laughed when you said “He wore cologne at 13?” Yes, he was a lil ladies’ man and the girls loved him. He played hard and loved hard. He was an awesome athlete and friend to many, and a loving son. I also want to say that before I shared your message with my husband, Trey’s Dad, he told me that he had a vivid dream of Trey last night. He said he thought it really happened. He saw him in his dream and grabbed him and hugged him and he was wearing a bright yellow shirt.

Trey didn’t say anything to him but he was so overwhelmed with the dream, that he woke up with a jerk and can’t shake it. I told him that it sounded as if he had a dream visitation. I could go on and on. But I feel like I have been silent for so long, I wanted to get my point across. Guess I am ready to talk. Freddie you simply Rock! I know there is no way possible you would be able to know the things you shared with me. You validated so many things and I am forever grateful for the help in healing that you have given me.Today, 9/25/12, is 10 months since I lost my Trey. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but knowing that he is okay, and my other loved ones are okay and are together, brings me so much comfort; they are still with me, just in spirit form and that we will eventually see each other again. I love the signs. They do bring me comfort when I am at my lowest. The hardest part for me was Trey saying that “I want you to move on and that he is ok and that we will see each other again.”

Thank you again and God Bless You Freddie.

Much Love,

Trina King

Sep 13, 2013

I wanted to share how my most recent reading with Freddie Rivera went. This is not the first time I have had a reading with Freddie. He read for me the first time on Sep 23, 2012. He was very accurate in that reading and validated and gave me much needed healing on the loss of my youngest son, Trey. Today is 22 months since he left for Heaven. I posted in a Facebook group on Aug 5, asking for prayers on the eve of launching a foundation in memory of my son; telling his story for the first time publicly. At that time, I was hoping that Freddie would be able to read for me again. I wanted one before the story aired; with that in mind, I didn’t post anything that I knew could compromise our reading. Any information he could give me, could not be found anywhere else, or was already made public. With that being said, he was aware of my post. The heart of the matter, nobody else could know. Yet again, Freddie blew me away with his accuracy, and brought much needed validations and healing.

Freddie first brought through my son, Trey. He said that he could see him in his mind’s eye and Trey said, “Hey Mom!” That was pretty much how he always addressed me when he was trying to get my attention. He talked all the time. LOL “Hey Mom” was like every 5 minutes with questions and wanting to talk. I could actually hear him in my own head, when Freddie told me that. He also said that he had a huge smile for me.

So now, I am going to tell on myself by sharing the next part. He said that Trey said I hadn’t quit smoking yet. This came up in our first reading and he said Trey really wanted me to quit smoking. Well I have to be brutally honest here. Since losing Trey, I have smoked more than ever! I know I need to quit and I am going to. I recently purchased an electronic cigarette and I am hoping that will give me the edge I need to put it down, as I have tried in the past and have picked them back up several times. I may even do hypnosis; I can’t take the Zyban or the medicine with anti-depressants in them.

Moving forward a little bit, Freddie said that he was picking up on a “J” name or a “J L” name. Well before I go any further, I need to tell you that in my first reading with Freddie, he brought through my maternal grandfather whose name is John. At that time, he was saying he was getting a “J” name and I thought at first it was my father who passed six months before my son did. It turned out to be my grandfather whom I was so grateful and appreciative to get a message from. I never knew him; he passed when I was like ten months old. But at the same time, I was upset that my Dad didn’t come through. I have fretted over that for a year now. Why didn’t my Dad come through at my first reading with Freddie? Especially, since he passed six months before my son.

As we continued, I was able to determine that it was definitely my Dad that he was seeing and talking to. He revealed how he perceived my dad’s demeanor, personality, etc. He said that he was feeling something with his chest, and my dad passed away from a massive heart attack. He mentioned that he felt something that spread through his body. My Dad had arthritis that he struggled with for many years prior to his passing. Freddie told me that he believes I favor him. I have been told that many times. He said that he wanted to acknowledge an “M” name that was associated with him and that he loves. I asked Freddie if she was in spirit or still here in the physical world, and he said he felt she was still here. That would be my Dads wife, my stepmother, and her name is Myrna.

He said that he was feeling the number three. My dad is one of three siblings. He also has three children. He said that he could smell tobacco, and that would be affirmative as my dad smoked cigarettes in his earlier years. He switched to smoking cigars and pipe tobacco. I remember the aroma of his tobacco pipe smelling of vanilla. He said that my dad liked to get his hands dirty and worked with his hands. This is true; his career was with heavy equipment, and he also built a private airplane in our garage when I was little. He worked on highways, served time in the military, drove tractors and operated and maintained logging equipment. He retired as a manager supervisor for Weyerhaeuser in Malaysia. He validated that my Dad had his own personal trucks and that he lived by lots of land and by water. He also validated that he was a dog lover and this I know to be true. He said that he was a strict man who liked respect and was in between an introvert and an extrovert; If he knew you, he would be more open and social and talkative. If not, then not so much.

All was true from what I remember and know of my dad. He told Freddie to reassure me that Trey was okay and was with him and a lot of family on the other side; not to worry and that Trey was not alone. He also said that my dad and Trey were playing football together and that they were making time to have some fun.

Trey had started playing football a few years before he passed and he loved it. One of the last pictures I have of Trey is in his football jersey for his school pictures. He is my little #37 and I treasure those pictures and memories of him on the football field.

Freddie said that there was a Tom with them as well, and that Trey was standing in between the two of them. Thomas is my dad’s father and he passed before I was born. He was coming forward to say hello and acknowledge me and say “I’m your Grandfather”. Tom’s message was also please not to worry about Trey. “He is with family and we will all see each other again. They know it is hard for me and that they want me to move forward; be happy and to know Trey is where we all come from and with family.”

Freddie also told me that he felt animosity or anger somehow in my relationship with my dad. Okay, this is where I think that sometimes even though you may think you need to hear one thing or something in particular; spirit knows what you really need to hear at certain times in your life or journey. There was a lot of distance between myself and my Dad and those feelings have haunted me for years. When he passed away, I flew to the Philippines to lay him to rest. He had lived across the world from me since the time I was three years of age. Without going further into more details, suffice it to say, that it was hard and I have struggled with it for my entire life. Freddie said that my Dad was asking for my forgiveness and that he wanted to apologize. That he wished we would or could have been closer. I really needed to hear that more than anyone could ever truly know. It has helped bring some healing and closure to some insecurities and unrests within myself; in regards to my dad not being present in my life and choosing to stay in that part of the world.

Freddie said that he felt that I was having and facing some tough lessons in this lifetime, that I was being tested. I have many things that I am trying to work through in my personal life, besides that of this terrible grief stricken journey of losing my son. These challenges are testing my mettle and in doing so, I am trying to deal with them with integrity and character. I am trying to let go, and let God take care of the situations that I am facing. Even though some of these challenges have brought great pain, I am really trying to come from a place of love rather than from self-ego. I can affirm that I know that to be true! I feel like I should be able to bench press an elephant by now, but can still see a whole herd of them coming. I pray that I am as strong as I need to be to weather whatever else may come. I am trying to sum the reading up, because I could keep going on and on, about how spot on Freddie was with everything he said to me.


Trey asked me to quit crying so much and to try and move forward and be happy. That he was proud of me and proud of what I am doing in his memory; telling his story. That I am going to do a lot of good with this and help a lot of people. But that I am also not sure of myself and I second guess myself. He said I need to believe in myself. That he and my other family members in spirit are backing me in this venture. As Freddie, put it, “giving me a push.”

There is much more, but I feel like I am writing a book, so I will end it with this.   At the end of the reading, Freddie told me that Trey was to my right side. Freddie asked me if I had a candle burning to my left; which in fact I did. He said that Trey was acknowledging the candle. But besides that, I could really feel my son at my side. I could feel the tingly sensation or chills or electricity all over my right side. This happens to me often and I can feel and sense his presence.

I can’t thank Freddie enough for once again helping me in some much needed healing; his words of encouragement, that I needed to hear and knowing they were validated by some of my family in Heaven.

When the producers of “The Doctors” TV show reached out to me and asked if I would talk to them about my sons’ story, I prayed and prayed and asked for a specific sign. If this was it, if this was what I was supposed to do, to send me a hummingbird. I had feeders out in my backyard but I hadn’t seen any hummingbirds. In fact I was getting discouraged that they may not find me this year. I had been filling and replacing the feeders weekly and no sign of any hummers to my dismay. Well, the day came that it was time for me to decide and commit to doing the show or not.


I was on the phone speaking to one of the producers and was looking out my back door. To my surprise there was notjustone, but four hummingbirds all over my backyard. I was on the phone and I was trying not to cry while I was speaking and finalizing a few details on how we would proceed. When I got off the phone, I went out into my backyard and a hummingbird flew right in front of my face and hovered for a good 15 or 20 seconds; close enough that I could feel the wind from his wings on my face. If I would have put my hand out, he could have landed on it. There are simply no words adequate enough to say how beautiful and magical that was. It was my SIGN and there could be no clearer validation than that it was on a bigger scale than I could have imagined. This happened twice more in the next two days while I was preparing for the interview. That is one of my latest visits from Heaven. To know that Spirit is backing me on this venture; cheering me on from the other side, and having Freddie validate that as well in my reading. Thank you again Freddie from the bottom of my heart ♥

Trina King

Update 1/27/2013

Hi Freddie,

How are you doing? I have been so busy moving. I haven’t been on Facebook or the computer since early December. A lot is going on in my life. I just wanted to let you know, when I was packing, I came across a very old tobacco pouch with a very old pipe in it. I remember my mom saying it was my grandfathers. So yes, he did smoke a pipe.


Funny how those things come back and re-validate our readings.

Love and light, Trina