Half-Price Readings for Afterlife Conference Attendees!

Welcome! And thank you for purchasing a general admission ticket to the Sixth Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference! As a conference attendee, you can book a reading with psychic medium Freddie Rivera for half price ($50 vs. the regular price of $100).

How to Schedule a Reading:

To schedule your reading, click on the PayPal button below. If you prefer to use a credit or debit card, there is an option for that at the lower right of this page.  After your payment is made, you will be directed back to this page for further instructions.  Questions? Click on the “Contact Me” link, or call  347 709-9128 to leave a message.  

About Mediumship and Psychic Readings:

A mediumship reading is specifically for the purpose of contacting a loved one  that has crossed-over to the Other Side. A psychic reading is when you want to know about your personal journey, such as information about relationships, career or finances.  Freddie doesn’t use any tools such as Tarot cards; the information comes to him and through him from guides, angels and teachers in the higher realms. On Freddie’s Facebook page, you can read countless testimonials from many of those who have experienced readings with Freddie. He is also endorsed by The Afterlife Conference.



Mediumship Reading

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Purchase an Afterlife  Special 30 minute Mediumship Reading with Freddie Rivera $50

Psychic Reading

Purchase a 20 minute Psychic Reading with Freddie Rivera

Purchase an Afterlife Special 30 minute Psychic Reading with Freddie Rivera $50

Combined Mediumship and Psychic Readings

Purchase a combined 90 minute Psychic and Mediumship reading for $90 with Freddie Rivera, 20 minutes Mediumship and 20 minutes Psychic

Purchase an Afterlife Special combined 30 minute Psychic and 30 minute Mediumship readings for $100 with Freddie Rivera






For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.